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Therma-Stor Partner:

Now more than ever, Therma-Stor’s products are making the world safer, healthier, and more productive. Together with our sister Madison Industries companies, we are continuing in our tradition as the innovation leader in indoor air quality.

Our core restoration, commercial, and residential solutions are essential to applications such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, grocery, retail, military barracks, and residences. Offering precision humidity control, fresh air ventilation, and HEPA air purification, Therma-Stor’s Phoenix, Quest, and Santa Fe brands continue to provide best-in-class solutions for these essential applications.

Pillars of the federal and state response to coronavirus include sheltering at-risk populations, protecting essential healthcare workers and members of the military, maintaining the safety and quality of the nation’s food supply, providing critical supplies and expanding pharmaceutical research. These applications require the full breadth of Therma-Stor’s innovative product portfolio.
Demand has been extremely high for our essential equipment and we expect that demand to grow as this situation evolves. Therma-Stor continues to work with our vendors and customers to ensure uninterrupted supplies of our critical equipment. We have also implemented aggressive safety and sanitation measures throughout our factory to safeguard our workforce throughout this situation. We are doing everything we can to ensure the continued operation of our Madison, WI manufacturing facility, as it is vital to the public-private partnership in our government’s response to this health crisis.

Therma-Stor will not be a spectator in this crisis. We are committed to helping our partners as we all work together to build a safer, healthier, and more productive future for us all.

Best Regards,

Sean Ebert