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Introducing the New Phoenix DrySENSE

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Phoenix DrySENSE

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is pleased to announce the latest addition to their DryLINK® Ecosystem – the Phoenix DrySENSE. The Phoenix DrySENSE is a Bluetooth moisture content sensor for setting and monitoring moisture goals on the job site.  Moisture content readings are automatically added to the drying report and log the time when the drying goal is reached. The attached pins allow you to push the sensor into wet drywall and the included accessory gives you the ability to put stainless screws into harder surfaces to measure the moisture content.



  • Save time taking daily readings, with data logging every six hours
  • Automatically have readings added to the drying report
  • Use attached pins to push DrySENSE into wet drywall
  • Attach to harder surfaces using the included accessory
  • Track temperature and RH
  • Log the time when the drying goal was reached
  • Track last known location
  • Receive notifications on batter life via the indicator


  • Receive alerts in real-time when the drying goal is reached
  • Access real-time drying information remotely
  • Enter daily readings remotely
  • Rearrange daily visits based on actual conditions