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Contractors Gain Access to Advanced Jobsite Data Collection Tools and Drying Reports

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is excited to announce a new integration with the leader in field documentation, Encircle. As customers look to streamline their jobsite data collection and documentation processes, this new integration eliminates the need for double entry of job information. It will help customers view and share the DryLINK Drying Report with Encircle.

Using automation, data taken from sensors on DryLINK equipment and accessories reduce human error and ensure more accurate information, making job documentation in the DryLINK Drying Report more likely to be accepted by insurance adjusters. 

“Phoenix is excited to bring automated jobsite data collection to Encircle. We share the same vision of bringing choices to contractors and allowing them to select the best fit for their needs. You will now be able to automatically push your jobs from Encircle to DryLINK and get your drying report inside of Encircle”

Product Manager – Phoenix DryLINK

“We’re thrilled to be able to integrate directly with Phoenix to offer restorers more choice in the systems they use. This integration eliminates redundant, administrative processes and supports the accurate data capture restorers need for their documentation.”

CEO – Encircle

About Encircle

At Encircle, we’re on a mission to create a new standard that defines how property loss information is gathered, assessed, and reported when disaster strikes. For 10 years, we have empowered restorers across the globe to document property losses consistently and instantly produce thorough, professional reports that tell the story of the loss and get all parties on the same page. For more information about Encircle and upcoming feature releases, visit