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Phoenix Introduces a New Addition to Its DryLINK® Ecosystem – The Phoenix DryPHONE

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is excited to introduce their newest addition to the DryLINK® Ecosystem – the Phoenix DryPHONE. Fresh off the heels of the DryMAX XL, the first LGR dehumidifier with Bluetooth connectivity, and the DryLINK Mobile App, the new Phoenix DryPHONE integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix DryLINK app. DryPHONE automatically uploads data from drying jobs to the cloud. Users can program this inexpensive smart device to send alerts when a goal has been reached or when equipment is turned off.

DryPHONE Features: 

DRY LIKE A PRO with Phoenix DryTAG and DryLINK® Ecosystem 

About Phoenix Restoration Equipment 

Phoenix is the leading manufacturer of world-class extraction, dehumidification, air scrubbing and evaporative drying equipment for water restoration professionals. Phoenix is a brand of Therma-Stor LLC, a company dedicated to innovation in the indoor air quality and water damage restoration industries. To learn more about Phoenix Restoration Equipment and Phoenix DryTAG, visit