Solutions to IAQ Complaints

IAQ complaints are most commonly related to high humidity (mold/dust mites), particulate in the air, and/or offending gasses (odor and/or chemicals).

Humidity control

The high capacity dehumidifier controls humidity to avoid the growth of mold and dust mites.

Filtration of airborne particulate

The MERV 11/13 standard filter handles the most known airborne allergens. The optional HEPA filter is the ultimate in filtration of airborne particulates.

Filtration of gasses/odors

The charcoal/permaganate deals with gasses, chemicals and odors. Bulk charcoal/permanganate is placed in the MERV 11/13 pre filter. This is the lowest cost way to get an effective quantity of this material. The permanganate changes color as it “loads” with impurities so there is a visual sign as to when it requires changing.

The Santa Fe Rx is a powerful, self-contained, portable dehumidifier designed specifically to be quiet. The unit has the option of adding HEPA and/or charcoal/permanganate air filtration. Wheel it in, run the hose from the built-in condensate pump to a drain and set the dehumidistat. The Santa Fe Rx is Energy Star® rated, and is in fact the most energy-efficient unit in the industry — using only 5.4 amps to remove 74 pints of water per day!

Another option is the ducted Ultra Aire 155H, a powerful, energy-efficient ducted dehumidifier. It can typically handle about 3,500 square feet. The unit removes about 155 pints of water per day and plugs into a standard 115 volt outlet. The 155H also has optional high-efficiency (a near HEPA MERV 14) air filtration.

Therma-Stor offers schools a free, no obligation demonstration of our equipment, along with monitoring to verify performance. If you are not satisfied, return it with no cost or obligation on your part. Therma-Stor provides data loggers (which monitor temperature, RH and dew points) to document the performance of the equipment. Therma-Stor distributes a complete line of data loggers including a model that has an alarm that can go to an auto dialer. This would alert someone when high humidity conditions appear.