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Phoenix Restoration Equipment line up

At Phoenix, We’re Problem Solvers

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is on a mission to create products and tools that save restoration professionals time, money, and hassle during every step of a drying job.

Building upon our history of innovation, leadership and industry expertise, we offer a complete line of industry-leading drying solutions such as dehumidifiers, air movers, heat drying systems, and HEPA scrubbers.

Phoenix DryLINK® Ecosystem

We knew our restoration customers had several key problems, so we set out to solve them with DryLINK®, our revolutionary Bluetooth-enabled ecosystem.

DryLINK tools, equipment, and reports provide data directly from sensors. Because they collect data automatically, DryLINK removes human error because the readings are taken by the same sensors every time. This makes the data more likely to be accepted by insurance claims adjusters.

DryLINK makes your drying jobs more efficient and helps you keep track of your equipment.