Commercial Dehumidification

Therma-Stor employee in factory.

Quest dehumidifiers control damaging moisture and humidity in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Designed to operate in a variety of conditions, Quest dehumidifiers dramatically improve performance and efficiency – all while being an economical solution in the industry.



Your budget will enjoy the cost and labor savings of surfaces that don’t need to be painted every year. And everyone appreciates safe, condensation-free floors. Quest offers a robust, proven solution to your water treatment facility’s humidity problems.


Humidity can wreak havoc in cold storage facilities. Quest dehumidification solutions give you control. Time to say goodbye, mildew.

Labs and Data Centers

You know the value of the equipment in your lab or data center. Protect that investment with the most powerful and efficient humidity control on the market.


Excess humidity can do more than just make for a slippery, unsafe environment. It can also lead to mildew and sanitation issues. It’s time to take control.


From gel-cap deterioration to hydrolyzed active ingredients, inconsistent relative humidity levels burden nutraceuticals. Desiccant dehumidification efficiently stabilizes humidity levels when precision matters.


The right commercial dehumidification setup can take your indoor grow operation to the next level. Say goodbye to crop losses from molds and other pests, and say hello to peak productivity.

Protect your investment and your customers. Santa Fe and Ultra Aire by Santa Fe offer a full line of high-capacity, energy-efficient and free-standing units designed and manufactured for self-storage, multi-family housing, fitness centers and government applications.

Light Commercial Applications

Self-Storage: Air Conditioning Isn’t Climate Control.

There’s only one way to reduce your utility bills while also protecting your self-storage facilities from mildew: Control your climate and keep humidity in check. We can help. Our dehumidifiers are the most efficient on the market.

Gyms, Spas and Fitness Centers: Keep Them Coming Back.

Your customers want a comfortable, sanitary, odor-free facility. Humidity control can help your gym, spa or fitness center put its best foot forward.

Indoor Pools: Energy Efficient Dehumidification Is Within Reach.

Maintaining an indoor pool can be a pain, but with the proper dehumidification, at least your know your utility bill won’t drain your wallet.

Government: Proven Asset Protection.

Look to us for efficient, American-made dehumidification solutions. From military housing to office or utility protection, we offer efficient humidity control you can trust.