The world is a very different place today.  Social distancing and “Safer at Home” orders have changed our day to day lives.  However, for the restorer there is still ESSENTIAL work to be done.  Whether it be cleaning and disinfecting residential, industrial and commercial properties, or restoring water & fire damages that continue to occur – the importance of the restorer to provide the same standard of care is enormous.  What is also monumental are the challenges of providing the same level of service with a reduced workforce and less interaction with occupants while performing these jobs.

Phoenix DryLINK® enabled equipment paired with a DryPHONE and the DryLINK app allows the restorer to monitor their jobs 24 hours a day remotely. This DryLINK ecosystem provides drying log data, equipment and job status and even selected alerts. This provides a higher level of service while increasing profitability by reducing the amount of face-to-face interaction with occupants, eliminating the use of PPE on needless site visits, and reducing the overhead associated with job site visits. Similar to many businesses turning to “video conferencing” today, remote monitoring  offers a wealth of benefits to keep restoration businesses not only viable, but more efficient during these difficult times.


Benefits for Water/Fire Damage Jobs

  • Automatic readings from dehumidifier (DryMAX XL only)
  • Last known location of equipment via BT reading (DryTAG, DMXL, AirMAX BLE)
  • Organization of Jobs (All)
  • Real-time job status alerts (DryPHONE required – Smart Equipment required)
  • Automated drying reports
  • Reduce time of technician on the job (via automated readings)
  • Company equipment inventory (DryTAG)
  • Historical data access to automated Psychrometric Readings of affected area (DryMAX XL)
  • Visibility of power interruption to Smart equipment

Benefits for Speciality Cleaning Jobs

  • Monitor RH% (DryMAX XL only)
  • Visibility to power interruptions to Smart equipment
    • DryTAG mounted on Guardian R500 would have this ability based on run time
  • Real time job status alerts, including power interruption and RH levels (DryPHONE required – Smart Equipment required)