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Quest Named Winner Of Chicago Innovation Awards

IQ Series Compressor Wall

October 20, 2020 —  Quest has been named one of the winners of the 19th annual Chicago Innovation Awards. 

The winners were announced at this year’s virtual event held on Monday, October 19.  The Chicago Innovation Awards, celebrating its 19th year, is the Chicago region’s foremost recognition of the most innovative new products or services brought to market each year. 

Quest’s IQ Series Compressor Wall is explicitly designed for the indoor growing environment. Its purpose-built to handle heating, cooling, dehumidification, and ventilation with precision, flexibility, and scalability.

Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of indoor grow rooms, the Compressor Wall takes a modular, scalable, and redundant approach to heating, cooling, and dehumidification. This technology by Quest boasts a centralized system, which eliminates the headaches—and hidden costs—of trying to get disparate systems to work together. It also means much lower installation and maintenance costs, with fewer points of failure and more value per dollar spent.

Quest IQ Series Compressor Wall

The Compressor Wall sets entirely new industry standards for performance, reliability, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, size, weight, and flexibility. It outperforms competitive offerings in every critical consideration. The Compressor Wall allows growers to dial in the exact growing conditions they desire while eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment.

“In this year of a global pandemic, innovation is needed now more than ever,” said Tom Kuczmarski, co-founder with Chicago journalist Dan Miller of the awards. “2020 winners are solving big problems in healthcare, community and workforce development, education, finance, agriculture, electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, drug development, business services, and more.”

 The winning organizations receive a variety of honors including the opportunity to ring the Nasdaq Bell in New York City, and meetings with the Mayor of Chicago, Governor of Illinois, Cook County President, and leaders from the United Nations Foundation.

“272 organizations nominated for this year’s awards,” said Luke Tanen, Executive Director of the Chicago Innovation Awards.  “As a group, these nominees are responsible for generating over $5.6 billion in new revenues, 7,322 new jobs, and 1,683 patents from their nominated new products and services.  The winners represent the best from this very impressive group.” 

The complete list of this year’s Chicago Innovation Award winners can be found at